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IFRS Reporting & Local GAAP Conversion

As more and more countries around the world adopt IFRS, companies reporting in these countries change their reporting standards, making it necessary for their subsidiary or branch operations in the US to convert to IFRS. Globalization has spurred an unprecedented surge of cross-border M&A over the past few decades and companies around the world consider cross -border M&A as a strategy in achieving globalization of their businesses. Such cross-border M&A often requires US GAAP or IFRS conversion of local GAAP financial information for various reporting purposes.

We provide these conversion services, thus relieving Management from the hurdles faced in global dealings and facilitate comparison of the Financial Statements.

Financial Reporting Assistance

Today's dynamic business environment and fast changing regulatory environment and reporting requires your organisation to ensure compliance to a greater extent. Nowadays, business face many challenges in several aspects of financial reporting which impacts or could potentially impact the value of your business. There has never been a greater need for accurate and timely financial information in India, than now.

Our Financial Reporting Practice is a team of professionals who have significant hands-on experience in providing end-to-end solutions and support services relating to complex financial requirements in a wide range of scenarios including capital raising in international markets, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures & spin-offs, restructuring, regulatory compliances, etc.