Case Study


Building next generation IOT connected health care devices

A healthcare startup is building mobility devices to enhance lives of people with limited mobility and elderly care needs. Company’s mission is to advance global standards of assisted living and make it dignified, safer and make the products available to the markets where the needs of people are unmet.

Situation and Challenge

A group of engineers founded the company with the motto of “Purpose driven innovation” and used their skills to make mobility devices with unique features. The said mobility device has won lot of praises and recognition for its design and brought smiles to the faces of beneficiaries. The startup was on the lookout for a company that can manufacture the device.

As the company was one of its kinds, it attracted so many people and businesses. Surmount, who never misses the opportunity to advice unique clients, saw that the founders had the potential to take the company to next level and make it big in the healthcare sector. When the client decided that it was the time to raise funds and expand the business, Surmount provided the financial advisory for the capital raising process.

The Result

Client discovered that SBAPL’s success as an advisor is built by the director on years of insights rooted in academic and economic foundation and backed by the exhaustive market research by its team. The client decided to raise funds with the help and expert advice of the advisor’s team. The advisor presented the business idea and financial model of the client made by the advisor’s team to potential investors.

In turn, the equity transaction was closed within just 3 weeks of signing the engagement letter, due to the collective efforts of the client and the advisor. Every business deserves a financial advisor with experience, empathy and commitment to work together.