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Surmount Business Advisors Private Limited ("Surmount/SBAPL") is headquartered in Pune and promoted by eminent professionals with proven track record of consistent performance.

The team has worked with renowned advisory firms like EY, KPMG, Deloitte, Citibank, BDO, BNP Paribas, Haribhakti & Co., Kirtane & Pandit etc., across various services including Corporate Finance, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Transactions, Internal Audit, Transfer Pricing, Risk Management and Assurance Services.

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Advisory & Consulting Services

Our Corporate Finance practice provides a thorough suite of financial and strategic advisory services to clients across a wide array of industries.

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Transaction Advisory Services

Business opportunities and business risks go hand in hand. This is especially true in emerging markets where business intelligence can be difficult to come by and compliance frameworks are undeveloped.

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Taxation Services

Business decisions are backed by proper advice related to tax matters. In today's dynamic environment, corporate entities have realized the importance of taxation and its associated cost with efforts to reduce the tax incidence to enable

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Accounting Advisory Services

As more and more countries around the world adopt IFRS, companies reporting in these countries change their reporting standards, making it necessary for their subsidiary or branch operations

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Years of



Diamonds to Defaults

Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya... These names make our eyes wider and curiosity creeps in whenever we read these names. The latest addition to this list is Nirav Modi.

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Stock Market – Correction or Warning?

Since the budget was announced, like any other retail investor I have been worried over why the markets have been in such frenzy.

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Budget 2018 – Just in time or damage control

Since the start of the budget speech of Mr Jaitley, I had my eyes glued on the movement of stock market. It felt like I was looking at my ECG reading. The stock markets did receive a shock treatment.

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